The Cast of “The Brazilian Affair” part deux

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Here are the rest of the Cast:

Marci Krown as Doc’s Assistant


Robert Womack as The Attorney


Kristin Kraik as Campaign Advisor


Marcus Hanson as Governor’s Assistant



Mike Byrd


Curtis Smith


Jonathan Vasquez


Isabel Consaneri


Script Update

We're happy to report that the final revisions are done on the Script for "The Brazilian Affair." Our screenwriter Joseph Luna worked until the wee hours of the morning (seriously, I got the email in the middle of the night) to get it finished up. It's being sent out to our Actors who are chomping at the bit to tear it up. It's a great script and we're really looking forward to shooting this soon.


The Cast of “The Brazilian Affair”

Casting for the short film “The Brazilian Affair” has proved to be an incredible experience. We are privileged to be working with such a well-rounded and seasoned group of actors. They bring a fantastic depth and breadth to their roles using their skills and understanding of the craft of Acting. We’d also like to thank all of the actors who tried out for the parts we had available. It’s hard to make a decision when we have so much to choose from. Casualty Films truly appreciates your time and dedication. Thank You!

Lon Sierra as Carter – With a military past, Carter lives a life of heroism. He is always thinking more about others than himself. He is a loner who can’t seem to make it in the civilian world and constantly needs to live on the edge. Leaving his post as governor’s personal bodyguard, because of his close ties with the governor’s wife, he has been called back again to do one more job for the politician.

Jennifer Scibetta as Sharon -A classy but strong woman who gracefully hides the pain from her troubled marriage. Her relationship with the family bodyguard is a mystery, though it appears they were close. Sharon is more than aware of her husband’s mistress and knows that if the extra-marital affair is leaked to the public, the governor could lose everything. Her beauty and smile can make any man’s knees buckle, but like her husband, she has her own secrets to hide.

Michael Madden as The Governor – All of his life, Governor Sam Beauford worked hard to get where he is – a successful career, an ideal marriage, wife and family, and a pending run for the presidency. But with Sam’s Mistress being held for ransom, the perfectly constructed life may prove to be a house of cards. The governor puts his trust in the one person that could save his image – Carter.

Kalent Zaiz as Rosalinda – A seductive foreign woman with an appetite for power herself. Being the mistress of a powerful politician can sometime get you in hot water, unless you’re the one controlling the faucet. She is very vocal and gets what she wants. Just don’t get in her way.

Greg Anthony as Doc – An old military buddy of Carter. With his own successful, post-military career, Doc questions Carter’s reasoning for continuing to do what he does. Doc’s wise demeanor tells him it’s time for Carter to put away his guns.

Dante Dumas as Reed – Another of Carter’s old military buddies who has always helped out his fellow soldiers even after getting out of the service. Reed is a loyal friend to Carter who has no problem speaking his mind, even though it can sometimes rub people the wrong way.

Meet the Crew!

Several months ago when we first met, it wasn't evident to any of us that we would connect and branch off to shoot a movie together. Initially we were part of the 48 Hour Film Project. But, we kept in touch and sometimes life has a funny way of throwing people together. American Sci Fi and Fantasy author Lyon Sprague de Camp once stated that in his stories he put ordinary people into extraordinary situations. Call it Destiny, Providence, Kismet or what have you, I believe that things happen for a reason.

And on that Metaphysical note, I'd like to introduce the Crew. The Core Group is made up of 4 talented and driven individuals who share the same passion: Making Film

Director Alex Robles:

With an impressive resume and his attention to detail, Alex is a capable and gifted Director who will bring a classic film making style to this Project.

Screenwriter Joseph Luna:

Multifaceted is perhaps the best way to introduce our Screenwriter Joseph. While being a gifted musician and spending time as a Father, he is a sharp and brilliant wordsmith with many Scripts to his name. His next screenplay "Time Free Dentistry" is scheduled to begin preproduction in early 2015.

Director of Photography Terry Adams:

While being both a consummate professional and having an objective eye, Terry brings his years of experience and technical knowledge to do the Cinematography on this film the justice that it deserves.

Production Manager/Special VFX Coordinator Matt Morgan:

As a Jack of All Trades, Matt has done several shorts including the yet to be released "Traveling Through Life" staring Eliza Roberts (wife of Actor Eric Roberts.) He brings his creative energy and resources to bear on this Project.

Looking for a Warehouse for a Movie Location…

Casualty Films is in need of a Location for our latest film we are shooting, an Action/Suspense short called “The Brazilian Affair”

Looking for a Warehouse, rundown building, exterior/interior or any type of Real Estate that can be used for shooting several scenes. We can pay for the usage of the property as well as putting you in the film End Credits. Please contact us ASAP and let us know your Day Rate. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Casualty Films begins Pre-Production on Action/Suspense Short “The Brazilian Affair”

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Casualty Films announces new Action/Suspense Short Film Pre-Production for “The BrazilianAffair”
Source: Casualty Films
Dated: Aug. 06, 2014
San Diego, CA
Casualty Films is proud to announce the collaboration on the Action/Suspense Short “The Brazilian Affair”to begin Pre-Production for release later this year. The screenplay was written by Joseph Luna with Terry Adams as the Director of Photography and on board as Director is Alex Robles.

“This is a fantastic team that we have assembled who all bring quite a bit to the table, ” said Production Supervisor and Visual Effects Coordinator Matt Morgan. “We’re very excited to be working together. Our paths recently converged like the proverbial alignment of the planets so we’re really looking forward to making a great film and having a lot of fun doing so.”

The film “The Brazilian Affair” is about love, loss and redemption with a few twists and turns all wrapped up in a fast paced, action/suspense short. Pre-production for the film has begun with the Cast/Crew calls to be announced very shortly. Principal Photography to begin in Fall 2014.

Casualty Films is a Visual Effects and Animation Studio based out of San Diego California. Casualty Films looks to be involved in the making of great films, commercials and “webisodes” for the World to view and enjoy.

Look for more updates coming in the near future.

Introducing another of our Stars- Natalie Mills

I’m neglecting one of Stars of our Film Natalie Mills who I had the pleasure and honor of meeting while in San Francisco last May. Please forgive me for not mentioning you sooner Natalie! And thank you so much for helping us with “The Johns List”

Natalie Mills, MFT Gender and Sexuality, Couples Therapy, Adolescent Therapy, Career Concerns and Work Related Stress, Intimacy