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Winner! Winner!

It’s been so long since we updated the blog here because of our work on “Time Free Dentistry” so we apologize profusely for the delay! That being said, it’s with great pleasure and pride to announce the Award of Merit from the WSTL Film Competition! Huzzah! It was announced this past Sunday that our Producer Matt Morgan and Director Alex Robles were given this accolade. Congratulations guys and well done!


As mentioned, we have been very busy on our latest and greatest Production from late last year “Time Free Dentistry.” Please bear with us as we are working diligently on the VFX, the Sound, Color and soon we’ll be sending it off to our composer for the Soundtrack. It’s been a very painstaking process as both the Director Alex and the VFX Coordinator Matt have made a lot of headway. This is an Special Effects laden Sci-Fi/Comedy with almost 50 different visual effects (in 20 minutes no less so if this were a feature then it would equal out to over THREE HUNDRED Special Visual Effects.) Also, please keep in mind  that we had anticipated releasing it this Summer; however, with all of the work involved and our busy schedules (life happens) there was just no way we would let it out when it’s not up to par. Nevertheless, we are hoping to have it completed late this year for a release in early 2017…

And, just a bit of teaser here, we have a rough print copy for the One-Sheet on TFD that we’re sharing here. It’s not telling you a whole lot nor does it give anything away. But it’s really fun to look at though! Enjoy!tfd_onesheet

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