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Meet the Crew!

Several months ago when we first met, it wasn't evident to any of us that we would connect and branch off to shoot a movie together. Initially we were part of the 48 Hour Film Project. But, we kept in touch and sometimes life has a funny way of throwing people together. American Sci Fi and Fantasy author Lyon Sprague de Camp once stated that in his stories he put ordinary people into extraordinary situations. Call it Destiny, Providence, Kismet or what have you, I believe that things happen for a reason.

And on that Metaphysical note, I'd like to introduce the Crew. The Core Group is made up of 4 talented and driven individuals who share the same passion: Making Film

Director Alex Robles:

With an impressive resume and his attention to detail, Alex is a capable and gifted Director who will bring a classic film making style to this Project.

Screenwriter Joseph Luna:

Multifaceted is perhaps the best way to introduce our Screenwriter Joseph. While being a gifted musician and spending time as a Father, he is a sharp and brilliant wordsmith with many Scripts to his name. His next screenplay "Time Free Dentistry" is scheduled to begin preproduction in early 2015.

Director of Photography Terry Adams:

While being both a consummate professional and having an objective eye, Terry brings his years of experience and technical knowledge to do the Cinematography on this film the justice that it deserves.

Production Manager/Special VFX Coordinator Matt Morgan:

As a Jack of All Trades, Matt has done several shorts including the yet to be released "Traveling Through Life" staring Eliza Roberts (wife of Actor Eric Roberts.) He brings his creative energy and resources to bear on this Project.

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