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Casualty Films begins Pre-Production on Action/Suspense Short “The Brazilian Affair”

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Casualty Films announces new Action/Suspense Short Film Pre-Production for “The BrazilianAffair”
Source: Casualty Films
Dated: Aug. 06, 2014
San Diego, CA
Casualty Films is proud to announce the collaboration on the Action/Suspense Short “The Brazilian Affair”to begin Pre-Production for release later this year. The screenplay was written by Joseph Luna with Terry Adams as the Director of Photography and on board as Director is Alex Robles.

“This is a fantastic team that we have assembled who all bring quite a bit to the table, ” said Production Supervisor and Visual Effects Coordinator Matt Morgan. “We’re very excited to be working together. Our paths recently converged like the proverbial alignment of the planets so we’re really looking forward to making a great film and having a lot of fun doing so.”

The film “The Brazilian Affair” is about love, loss and redemption with a few twists and turns all wrapped up in a fast paced, action/suspense short. Pre-production for the film has begun with the Cast/Crew calls to be announced very shortly. Principal Photography to begin in Fall 2014.

Casualty Films is a Visual Effects and Animation Studio based out of San Diego California. Casualty Films looks to be involved in the making of great films, commercials and “webisodes” for the World to view and enjoy.

Look for more updates coming in the near future.

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