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Welcome to Casualty Films

Casualty Films is a Visual Effects and Animation studio based out of San Diego California.

We specialize in combining live action with computer generated components. Our team has
experience helping directors and producers through the entire life cycle of film production, from
script to completed post effects. We believe the measure of your vision shouldn’t be hindered
by the depth of your pockets.
What We Do?

Casualty Films specializes in visual effects and animation for independent movie projects. We have experience in pre-production planning and on set supervision as well as post effects and DVD authoring. Check out some of our work: http:\\

How Is It Done?

With the internet and telecommuting as advanced as it is right now, it doesn’t matter if the effects house is across town or across the continent. We’ll work with you from afar then when it’s time to shoot, we’ll be right by your side helping to make sure the FX shots go off as close to plan as it can on set.
Why We Do This?

Each project brings with it the chance to work with some new and interesting people, a chance to stretch creatively, and a new set of challenges to push our abilities. That’s really all there is to why we do it, meet cool people, be involved in some cool projects, and have fun the whole time.
Just like you, we love movies and we love being a part of them. Feel free to contact us if you have a question or you just want to say hi.

About casualtyfilms

Author, lecturer, philanthropist, bum, occasional hero and filmmaker extraordinaire.

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