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The Sandman Episode 1 (Rough Cut)

For a proposed weekly Sketch Comedy Horror Show, hosts introduce a B-Grade Horror movie.
Our concept is a weekly “Webisode” based upon the Late Night TV Horror Film Show hosts such as Vampira (LA) Ghoulardi (Cleveland, Oh) Svenghouli, (Chicago, Il) The Ghoul (Detroit, Mich) and of course Elvira (LA) Before the advent of cable T.V. if you watched late night T.V. you were limited to the 3 networks and maybe a few U.H.F. channels. This produced some of the more zany and original Television that bordered on the edge of anarchy. The hosts did some campy stuff during the commercial breaks and B Movies (sometimes Z Movies) were run. Typically on Friday nights, horror was the main feature run and the same was true for Saturday nights. This was done a while back with Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Our premise is basically the same with the host and 2 co-hosts. At the beginning of every show, there’s a two minute segment where our hosts talk before introducing the movie. Topics range from current events, pop culture, even politics all with a bit of camp or “Theatre of the Absurd.”


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